CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil


Not all CBD Oil extracts are alike. Know what you are taking!

World Health Source gives you the highest quality CBD Oil from hemp available.

1. Zero THC, Hemp CBD Oil -- *Zero means absolutely no detectable levels of THC. We distribute the only true full spectrum CBD extract that contains zero THC and is not diluted down.

2. Complete Whole Plant, Full Flower Profile -- Our proprietary extraction process uses the entire plant for a full-spectrum oil, containing a large amount of naturally present cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, THCA, CBDA, and over 40 terpenes we have identified that are naturally present in our extract.

3. Extraction & Purification Process -- Proprietary extraction technology allows for high levels of cannabinoids especially CBD, CBG, and CBN, while eliminating unwanted amounts of THC and chlorophyll.

4. Rigorous Testing -- On-site chromatography testing ensures accurate levels of phytocannabinoids and confirms the absence of THC through our proprietary processes.

5. 3rd Party Lab Testing -- All batches we produce are sent to one of our authorized 3rd Party Labs for complete analysis and verification of the internal lab test results that we conduct in-house and include with all orders.

6. Quality Control -- All of our CBD oils, extracts, concentrates, and finished products are manufactured in a GMP facility with the highest quality control measures in the industry. Our CBD gel capsules have been designated NSF certified (the highest manufacturing certification).

Experience the World Health Source Difference for Better Health

World Health Source Nano-Sized Microemulsion

Faster and Deeper Bioavailability


Science Says CBD Oil Leads to Better Health

Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction Relapse

The findings reveal two unique clinically relevant dimensions that characterize the actions of CBD: (1) beneficial actions relevant for multiple vulnerability states associated with drug craving and relapse, and (2) long-lasting effects with only brief treatment. Thus, CBD may exert neuroregulatory actions that restore normal function to brain regulating reward, incentive motivation, impulsivity, stress and anxiety.”

Cannabidiol (CBD) May Help Fight Cognitive Impairments From Alzheimer’s

… these results make sense when you consider the abundance of scientific evidence that suggests cannabis is beneficial for brain development. In fact, the plant has been linked specifically to neurogenesis – the establishment of new neurons in the brain.

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