CBD Water-Based Gel Cap 25mg


CBD Oil extracted from hemp. Water-based nano sized for maximum absorbtion and bioavailability

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Our CBD Water-Based Gel Cap nanoemulsions are finely-engineered, patent-pending formula with optimized composition. The average size of our hemp oil droplet is 25 nanometers, compared with 100-5000 nanometers that is usually obtained by using the industry standard liposomal delivery method. Our water soluble technology transforms active compounds into nano sized emulsions making them highly bioavailable within your body and more permeable when applied to the skin.

Many studies have shown that CBD Oil extracted from Hemp have great health and wellness benefits. Each batch is tested and guaranteed to be of the highest quality available, so you are assured of getting the most health benefits possible.

For general health maintenance take one gel cap per day. For active health concerns take two or more gel caps per day, as directed by your health care professional.

  • Non-psychoactive
  • 25mg Active CBD
  • Easy to take
  • Lab Tested
  • Completely Water Soluble
  • Highly Bioavailable & Absorbable

Store in a cool, dark, dry place. World Health Source makes no health or benefit claims for this product. Your health is our major concern, make sure you take the advice of trusted health care professionals.

Studies that show the benefits of CBD:

Alcohol and Cocaine RelapseAlzheimer’sAnti-inflammatoryBrain CancerBreast CancerCrohn”s DiseaseDiabetesDisc DiseaseErectile DysfunctionEpilepsy Parkinson’s DiseaseStress


Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in
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