Artemisinin – the wormwood malaria treatment that’s been found to fight cancer.

Long known as a formidable adversary to malaria and other major parasites, studies show that Artemisinin could play a beneficial role in cancer treatments.
Discovered to be a powerful malaria treatment thousands of years ago by Chinese herbalists, the last century has seen Artemisinin used prolifically in Western medicine. Not only does Artemisinin treat the global killer Malaria, but recent studies are also showing its medicinal efficacy stretching from malaria to cancer.
The extract is from the plant Artemesia annua L (or sweet wormwood) but in establishing exactly what is Artemisinin, there are many different facets to this wormwood-derived treatment.
It’s very rare in its molecular structure in that it has two oxygen atoms linked together by what’s known as an ‘endoperoxide bridge’. Why Artemisinin uses are so broad is precisely because of this bridge and its special molecular structure. Its composition means it reacts with molecules with a high iron content, such as malaria parasites and cancerous tumours. Upon contact with diseased cells (with this high iron content), its mechanism of action is to form free radicals. These free radicals are toxic to the integrity of the invading cells, breaking them down and eventually leaving the infected cells destroyed.
It’s precisely because of Artemisinin’s effect on viruses with a high iron content that’s provoked interest in wormwood for cancer treatment.
The most common reason to take Artemisinin is as a powerful malaria treatment. A daily course of Artemisinin 200mg is recommended for those in areas with a high risk of malaria and even though there are many malaria pills on the market, the wealth of available Artemisisin information demonstrates its effectiveness and versatility above other anti-malarial treatments.
Whether it’s being used as a malaria treatment or used as part of cancer treatments, Artemisinin is easy to take and recognised as a powerful, universal and natural wormwood-derived medicine.
What is Artemisinin used for?
People the world-over take Artemisinin as anti-malaria medication. As malaria is one of the most prolific health problems worldwide (especially in developing countries), its benefits to global health are immense.
It’s so effective that it forms the main malaria-fighting properties of numerous combination malaria treatments. That’s not to mention its role as the lead killer of parasites and human blood flukes. It’s the most effective treatment against schistosomes, the second-most prolific parasitic infection, after malaria.
Tests regarding Artemisinin uses now show an even broader functionality against a host of conditions – from malaria to cancer. Wormwood has a peroxide lactone group in its composition, which upon contact with infected iron-rich cells releases reactive oxygen species (or free radicals). It’s because of this action on parasites and the fact that cancerous cells have this very high iron content that studies into wormwood for cancer treatment began.
Chinese scientists have demonstrated that it could be used as a cancer treatment against human hepatoma cells and hinder the process of angiogenesis – the step where dormant tumours turn malignant. This is why Artemisinin colon cancer fighting links have been made.
There’s also research by the Gordon Research Institute that shows Artemisinin 200mg doses not only work as a malaria treatment / parasites killer, but also as a breast and general cancer treatment. The institute mirrors the Chinese findings but goes on to highlight the relatively low toxicity of Artemisinin against healthy cells and high toxicity against infected cells.
As Artemisinin is versatile for many conditions, it’s widely prescribed. There are many suppliers that sell varying strengths and qualities of the supplement. Manufacturers making products like nutricolgy Artemisinin for example, market it as general health and well-being treatment, as an antiaging supplement, even as a dietary aid. What’s captured the attention of the medical community however, is its power against serious conditions, like cancer.
From malaria to cancer, Artemisinin uses are varied
Two of the biggest killers in the world – cancer and malaria are being tackled by Artemisinin. It’s been proven as a malaria treatment and is often synthesised in many forms (Artesenuate, Artermether, Dihydroartemisin etc.) but it’s the herbal and natural Artemisinin 200mg that’s recommended by us. It’s long proven to be the best malaria treatment and exciting studies show its potential against cancer.
In studies looking at Artemisinin as a cancer treatment, results show that it can be effective in treating colon cancer and in treating breast cancer. This is due not only to its effect on cancerous cells, but to the hormonal-balancing properties and specifically the effect it has upon estrogen receptors. As estrogen plays an important part in developing breast cancer, blocking the ability of these harmful proteins counters these effects. There’s one more string to Artemisinin’s bow when it comes to combating breast cancer – it has a calming effect on T-cells. Although T-cells help our body fight disease in most cases, when breast cancer develops, the T-cells can actually prompt more breast cancer cells to be produced. By calming this effect, Artemisinin helps hinder tumour growth.
The benefits of Artemisinin and uses of Artemisinin around the world
Artemisinin supplements have been so effective against malaria that studies have been carried out into how malarial hotspots around the globe use Artemisinin. What’s concerning is the effect of Artemisinin based combination therapies in Nigeria and other developing countries. This is specifically relating to the frequency of use and malaria’s growing resistance to Artemisinin supplements. The most prolific killer in sub-Saharan Africa is the strain of malaria, Plasmodium falciparum – the sort transmitted by infected mosquito. These parasites target the liver to reproduce and then invade red blood cells. The effect of Artemisinin combined therapies on the liverblood and tissues is especially effective in this case – Artemisinin breaks down the infected cells in the liver and blood, and the combination therapy helps prevent recurrence.
Malaria kills about one million people a year, so getting people to take Artemisinin in the right way is important. Artemisinin benefits in the longer term in developing countries are therefore closely monitored and in most cases teamed up with other drugs to ensure that this prolific killer is controlled. Educating the populace, reducing the cost dramatically to the country to buy Artemisinin and supplying mosquito nets are all steps forward to quash malaria.
As we’ve seen, Artemisinin uses stretch much further than simply being a malaria treatment. Treating breast cancer, colon cancer and the potential application to other forms of cancer treatment is what’s exciting people studying the treatment. Although using wormwood for cancer treatment is relatively new, the studies put forward a powerful case for use.
Artemisinin supplements side effects
Artemisinin supplements are across the board, well tolerated. In treating malaria, the side effects of Artemisinin were similar to the effects of malaria – dizziness, sweating, loss of appetite etc. but decreasing until no symptoms or ill effects remain. It’s prescribed for many parasitic infections, so side effects can include taking Artemisinin and sweating more than usual.
The effect of chronic administration of Artemisinin combined therapies on blood liver and tissues is being explored but reports suggest that high doses are not detrimental to health.
How to take Artemisinin
An Artemisinin malaria treatment dose will be different from the amount to an artemisinin dosage cancer sufferers would require.
As malaria treatment the Artemisinin dose would be 100mg to 200mg three times a day. This should be built up slowly and several days before a trip to any part of the world suspected of being a ‘malaria hotspot’.
If treating a parasite infection, or for general parasite removal, one or two capsules (100mg each) twice a day should be taken before mealtimes. The exact dosage to help with cancers has not yet been established, but lower amounts, even 150mg daily are believed to be effective. As with any medication, you must always check with your doctor before undergoing a course of treatment.
Artemisinin customer reviews
As a malaria treatment, Artemisinin reviews are extremely positive. It’s known the world-over as being highly effective against this global killer. It’s easy to buy Artemisinin as it’s an approved treatment for malaria but variants and quality vary, which is why we only stock the very highest grade. Reviews about Artemisinin as a cancer treatment show that it’s best used alongside conventional cancer treatments.
Studies have shown that Artemisinin not only kills malaria and other major parasites, but also that it kills cancerous cells. It’s therefore little wonder that this medicine is becoming so widely known and so valued across the globe.
Frequently Asked Questions About Artemisinin
Disclaimer: Please note that only your own physician can determine your precise needs, but in order to give you some information these answers are based upon the ‘average person’ and clinical / published results.
Does this herb help people with Lupus SLE?
There is one reference in the literature that studied the effects of Artemisinin for lupus, for more information follow the link: Study on effect of Cordyceps sinensis and artemisinin in preventing recurrence of lupus nephritis] Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. 2002 Mar;22(3):169-71. :
What is the effectiveness and dosage of Artemisinin as malaria preventative?
The best anti-malaria dose for Artemisinin is 100mg three times a day.
We would suggest that you build up slowly to the 3 capsule a day dose, ideally by taking it several days before your trip at 1 and then 2 capsules a day etc. (You can also reduce your dose over several days after your trip too).
As for its effectiveness, it is now used in many countries as a treatment for malaria and below we have placed an extract from what was front page news in the NY Times in 2004:
Please note many health food stores sell the plant Artemisia which contains Artemisinin, but the amounts per capsule will be very low, more like 5mg rather than our high strength pharmaceutical grade pure extract of 100mg.
We are cruising down the Central American countries shortly and are calling in at one or two destinations where there may be a moderate malaria risk. We have some Artemisinin tablets from our trip to the Amazon last year but the expiry date is November 06 I would hope that for a trip in December 06 these would still be alright to take. Could you please advice?
There should be no problem using these. Often expiry dates with supplements indicate a period when the 100% effectiveness may start to reduce, they are usually based on the worst case scenario (e.g. having been badly kept etc). At worst the product may be at 99.5% effective level. Just so you know the dose, depending on how serious you believe the risk to be we would recommend 100mg twice day up to 100mg three times daily.
I am considering taking Artemisinin as part of a detox programme to kill off any parasites I may have picked up abroad. I am also taking a Zeolite product and an oxygenating product. Would either of these two products negate the action of Artemisinin?
We don’t know of any contraindications between these types of products you listed below. Note, we also supply ZeoGold®; it is the purest zeolite currently available (the same type to be used by NASA to purify water for astronauts).
For general eradication of parasites, take one or two capsules (100mg each) per day, ideally before a meal.

Those who are “at risk” from malaria, cancer or other serious parasite infection should consider at least 100mg to 200mg three times a day.

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