Science says Artemisinin helps promote better health

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What is Artemisinin? Report #9

Artemisia is a revolutionary herb that is the source for many new medications such as artemisinin. The derivatives of this herb are so important that the World Health Organization and many other medical agencies recommend that approximately 400 millions yearly malaria victims should receive this as part of their malaria treatment.

Artemisinin: Cancer Treatment

Many studies are being performed about the effects of artemisinin for cancer treatment. This is because it was found to be capable of selectively killing cancer cells while leaving the normal cells untouched or unharmed.

Breakthrough in diabetes research: Cells produce insulin upon artemisinin treatment

It promises to be a simple and elegant strategy to heal diabetes type 1: Replacing the destroyed beta-cells in the bodies of patients with newly-produced insulin-secreting cells. …

Patients with drug-resistant malaria cured by plant therapy

When the standard malaria medications failed to help 18 critically ill patients, the attending physician in a Congo clinic acted under the “compassionate use” doctrine and prescribed a not-yet-approved malaria therapy made only from the dried leaves of the Artemisia annua plant. In just five days, all 18 people fully recovered. This small but stunningly successful trial offers hope to address the growing problem of drug-resistant malaria.

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